Nope. CP based on 480K goal alone. Half a mil doesn't accomplish anything, whatsoever, when it comes to manufacturing or development, or, just anything car making related. If they were anywhere close to actually making a car, 500k would be nothing to get from elsewhere. They are still too far away from production and… » 8/22/14 9:04pm Friday 9:04pm

Your head just floating around in a white background is humorous to me. Not sure why. Wait, I know why.. Friday+beer. Shoulda ate before, what did I originally click 'reply' for....? » 8/22/14 7:41pm Friday 7:41pm

Ever go up to a bunch of icicles dangling off a porch railing or some random edge during winter, and just run your finger along the bottom of them, snapping them all off? Looks like you could do the same thing with those lights. » 8/21/14 7:32pm Thursday 7:32pm

Isn't the Defender really desirable in the US? I keep hearing about the crap some people go through to import them. Instead of discontinuing it, just make it comply with US regs, bring it here, and still sell it for ten more years. » 8/21/14 6:53pm Thursday 6:53pm

I'm saving the link to this video for whenever I see my dogs start eating grass. I'll save them time and a future mess in my closet by sitting them in my lap, I'll hold a walmart bag under their face, and then show them this video. Instant barf. » 8/20/14 9:02pm 8/20/14 9:02pm

DeMuro and Graverobber. I like their humor and random references. Especially Dougs, I like how he always brings in some random thought, that has nothing to do with the article, and then always ties it into the article by the end. » 8/20/14 8:40pm 8/20/14 8:40pm

Damn. Looks like the driver was a little overconfident, as he pulled in way too fast with that wide of a load. Simple, but costly, mistake, as you know this dude got fired and will prolly never drive a truck again. » 8/20/14 6:27pm 8/20/14 6:27pm